Important Wine Degustations in Tuscany

A variety of factors contribute to the popularity of wine tastingin Tuscany. Depending on the region of Tuscany you visit, such as Val d’Orcia, there are several different ways to enjoy your meal. For example, the Tuscan style meal includes Sangiovese, another wine grape, which is very bitter and somewhat astringent, hence the name, while in other regions like Santa Margherita, where grapes are used primarily for red wine, Sangiovese is used instead. In terms of red wine, the main grapes responsible for such offerings as Valamonti and Structure are grown in the northern part of Tuscany. Other notable types include Zinfandel and Muscat. However, it is important to understand that while these types of wines are quite popular, the wine from the northern part of the country is also pretty good and appreciated. It is important to understand the importance of wine in Tuscany. While a visitor does not need a degree in wine to understand the significance of wine in Italian cuisine, having a basic knowledge of wine will help with planning your next meal. Knowing the names of the grapes, as well as the regions of origin, would also help in enjoying fine Italian food. It is also important to have a basic understanding of Italy and what makes it unique, and perhaps this knowledge could even become invaluable on your journey through Tuscany.

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