An overview of the types of turquoise

In the jewelry industry, various natural elements are being used for the production of different products. turquoise necklace is a popular kind using turquoise as the basic compound. It is of the following types.
Natural untreated turquoise
As the name suggests, no activities are required to use this type of gemstone to make a jewel. The jewel makers could find this element and use it directly with other elements to produce a glowing jewel that could attract people. However, they would prefer this gemstone predominantly when it is blessed with pleasing color. But the value for this gemstone is high throughout the world.
Stabilized turquoise
Stabilization is nothing but a process of infiltration of something like polymers into the naturally available turquoise. It is done to make the gemstone malleable and durable. By making it soft and durable, the jewel makers would convert, modify, or cut the element according to their requirements and the features of the jewel they are making. Since there will not be any damages in the element in all these processes, it has got its name.
Composite turquoise
You can consider this as more than mere turquoise. Because the process of making a composite turquoise will contain several other polymers and different elements along with the tiny pieces of turquoise. So, one could not say that this type of jewel will contain only one element. As there are more constituents, it has got the name of a composite. However, the jewel has its own popularity.
Dyed turquoise
It is nothing but a composite turquoise dyed with some colors as per the requirement of the makers or the customers. It is required for the composite materials to have some pores on them to be a fit for the process.

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